Professional Staff


Professional Staff

Acheron and its three (3) divisions have grown steadily over the years, working successfully with a wide range of clients to provide innovative services on complex commercial, industrial and government projects. Acheron represents its clients positively and aggressively before Federal and State regulatory agencies; our distinguished record and integrity allow us to maintain a positive working relationship with these agencies.

Acheron staff members include Professional Engineers, Licensed Site Evaluators, Licensed Biological Treatment Plant Operators, biologists, chemists, and permitting specialists. These individuals are supported by our technical writers, clerical staff, drafters, field crew, and in-house laboratory personnel.

Acheron's professionals, representing a variety of disciplines, comprise a unique blend of talents under one roof. We are able to tailor our services on each project to the specific needs of each individual client. We complete most projects in-house, using resident staff for the majority of the work. This facilitates and ensures greater accessibility, communication, and quality control for our clients.

Each project undertaken by Acheron is assigned a Project Manager. The Manager's primary responsibility is to be continuously available to their client for consultation--either in person or by telephone. By maintaining this accessibility, Acheron is able to ensure that each client's particular needs are heard and met.

The Project Manager is also responsible for gathering a Project Team whose responsibilities will vary according to the specific needs of the client and the project. Divisions and Division Managers meet each week to track progress on projects, to offer professional support, and to ensure the highest quality and greatest efficiency possible.

We strive to assemble project teams comprised of individuals uniquely suited for and knowledgeable of the particular issue faced on each individual project.


William B. Ball, P.E.

William Ball is the President and founder of Acheron Engineering Services.  In 1967, Mr. Ball earned a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering, majoring in Sanitary Engineering, at the University of Maine in Orono.  Today he is a registered professional engineer in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, North Carolina and Florida.  He is also a former licensed Dam Inspector and Site Evaluator.  Mr. Ball oversees all aspects of Acheron's engineering, geologic and environmental projects.  He has also been an active member of the Governor's Hydropower Sub-Committee of the Land & Water Resources Committee, Governor's Committee on Dam Safety, Advisory Committee for the Maine Ambient Water Toxic Program.  Other affiliations include the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Consulting Engineers Council, the Maine Association of Engineers, and currently Mr. Ball is on the Board of Trustees at Maine Central Institute.  


Kirk Ball, E.I.T.

Kirk Ball is a Project Engineer in Acheron's Engineering Division. Mr. Ball holds a B.S. degree in Construction Management and Technology with a minor in Business from the University of Maine in Orono. Mr. Ball has worked on many civil projects such as: road design and construction, subdivision planning, permitting and construction, campground design and construction, infiltration and inflow studies and stormwater management modeling and design. He has also completed a 40-hour safety training course for hazardous waste operations in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120.


Andrea Burke

Andrea Burke is an Environmental Permitting Specialist in Acheron's Engineering Division. Ms. Burke has a B.S. degree in Environmental Science and Policy with a concentration in Applied Ecology from the University of Southern Maine in Portland. She writes and provides assistance with permitting and reporting projects.  Ms. Burke also provides technical assistance on a multitude of Acheron's environmental management projects that include:  compliance reporting for state and federal permits and licenses, water and soil sampling, wastewater treatability studies, environmental site assessments, and water quality investigations. Prior to joining Acheron, Ms. Burke worked for the Maine Forest Service Insect and Disease Laboratory.


Brock Gourley

Brock Gourley is a CAD Operator in Acheron's Engineering Division. Mr. Gourley has an Associates degree in Computer Aided Drafting from Northern Maine Technical College in Presque Isle. Mr. Gourley is responsible for developing engineering drawings, plans and figures for client-related projects performed by all divisions of Acheron. He is responsible for conducting field surveys and serves as a project representative on construction projects.


Marc C. Hein

Marc Hein is a Biologist and manager of Acheron's Environmental Laboratory, ClearWater Laboratory. Mr. Hein is responsible for overseeing all laboratory operations in addition to performing toxicity tests, QA/QC testing and culturing of test organisms (i.e., Ceriodaphnia dubia and fathead minnows), and sorting of macroinvertebrate samples. He works with other Acheron team members with special projects. Mr. Hein is a 1990 graduate of Unity College with a B.S. in environmental sciences. Mr. Hein has worked as a fish culturist and an aquatic biologist for companies throughout New England. He has also worked extensively on dioxin sampling projects throughout Maine, collecting fish samples from various rivers for tissue analysis of dioxin.


Andrew Wendell

Andrew "Andy" Wendell is a Senior Chemist and Analyst in Acheron's Environmental Laboratory, ClearWater Laboratory.  Mr. Wendell has over ten (10) years experience conducting acute and chronic toxicity tests related to Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) license requirements for wastewater treatment facilities.  He conducts all Atomic Adsorption (AA) metals analyses for Acheron's Laboratory and provides technical assistance on a variety of special projects and for laboratory QA/QC procedures.  Mr. Wendell is the laboratory QA/QC Officer. He is a 1990 graduate of Unity College in Unity, Maine with a B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences.  Mr. Wendell is also a Certified Maine Grade 2B Wastewater Treatment Operator and provides operational assistance to treatment facilities.


Matt Soucy

Matt Soucy is a Laboratory Technician and Chemist in Acheron's Environmental Laboratory, ClearWater Laboratory. Mr. Soucy has a B.S. degree in Environmental Science from Unity College in Unity, Maine. He specializes in low-level phosphorus and chlorophyll-a testing.


Diane Curtis

Diane Curtis is the Assistant to the Laboratory Manager and an Analyst in Acheron's Environmental Laboratory, ClearWater Laboratory.  Diane has fifteen (15) years experience working as the Assistant to the Laboratory Manager .  Her duties include chemical laboratory testing for municipal and industrial clients.  Ms. Curtis serves as primary client contact for ClearWater Laboratory clients.


Ruth Hudson

Ruth Hudson is Acheron's General Office Manager. As Office Manager, Mrs. Hudson  is responsible for assisting Acheron's President in managing the day-to-day operations of Acheron's physical facilities. She is also responsible for all company accounting. Mrs. Hudson has worked with Acheron since 1987.